Tolkien in global cultural memory

This site is under construction. It is conceived as a place for critical debate about Tolkien related products within popular culture which have gained the qualities we usually attribute to cultural heritage. It is a tool for my current PhD research, focusing on the modes of remembering Tolkien in contemporary global context, i.e. on investigating his legacy in terms of cultural memory.

The age of New Media and participatory culture is an era of ‘produsage’ and in such an environment the so called Secondary worlds or fictional words are rapidly expanding and gaining prominence. Heritage studies, predominantly and justly focused on preservation of traditions and phenomena endangered by globalisation, leave the products of popular and participatory culture mostly ignored and unattended. I find these products to be important testimonies of the time we live in and some of them possess the characteristics we ascribe to traditional forms of heritage. Using Tolkien as a case study, my aim is to pose some essential questions concerning this topic and offer new perspectives that could enable us to treat the aforementioned products with greater insight and more prudently.    

If you want to participate in my research, you can complete one of the two surveys on this website or contact me for other options.

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